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I am happy to show you some pictures of my personal work as a visual artist. In my research I question the material(s) I use by assembling, twisting, sculpting, sewing, deforming, forming, printing, embroidering, accumulating. Recycling these materials allows me to give them a second life and to create envelopes of bodies, body-objects, sculpted costumes. Sometimes I present them without the body, exposed like an empty cocoon from which the butterfly would have freed itself. Other times I present them on a body that they mould, forcing it to reveal a character to us.
  • Lille 3000-Lille – Exhibition of  my « Robes-Objects » during the event « Fantastic ».
  • Festival international des jardins – Chaumont sur Loire – Exhibition of  » Rafflesia » and the « Poufs Donuts » in Coulisse d´un festin for the event « Jardin des délices, jardins des délires ».
  • Les fenêtres qui parlent  Villeneuve d’Ascq. Exhibition of  » Edelweiss » in the urban garten of Lille and of « La Dentelière » at Villneuve d´Ascq.
  • Défilé Soie Modes Musée de la Piscine de Roubaix. Introduction of   » Robes-Objects » and « Dresses as a curtain » by a shooting and mode show. Model : Marine Foutry / ©pictures Michel Seng
  • Textile designer superior School E.N.S.A.A.M.A.- Paris – personal work « Etre en fleur » (be in bloom)