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Some extracts of my work with choreographers and directors as costume designer and textile designer for the dance, the opera and performances in France and Germany.
  • HuMbase/ Produktion Zentrum Stuttgart Costume designer, costume maker « Peninsula Flora ». Pictures ©Holger Reuker. Choreography : Smadar Goshen.
  • Forum am Schlosspark/ Stadt Ludwigsburg  Costume designer, textile designer, costume maker « Die Jahreszeiten » for the spring (Dancers), the solo singers and the solo dancer (Winter). Pictures ©Leszek-Januszewski. Direction : Axel Brauch .
  • Le Garage Roubaix Costume designer, costume maker « C.O.R.P.uS » . Pictures ©Aude-Marie Boudin. Choreography : Sarah Nouveau.
  • SKOhr-Labor/Stuttgarter Kammerorchester -Costume designer, textile designer « Stimmen » Pictures © Reiner Pfistere. Choreography : Adrian Turner
  • Dance Gala/ Ville d’Armentières Costume designer, costume maker
  • Superior school project / D.M.A. Lycée Jules Verne Costume designer, textile designer, costume maker


As Costume designer

  • Drawing
  • Research
  • Design forms and textiles following the topic of the dance, the performance and the music

As Textile designer

  • Research
  • Experiments
  • Dyeing, painting ,manipulate and transform the fabrics to create a unique one matching with the topic of the performance

As Costume maker

  • Taking body measurements
  • Elaborate the cut with the contraints of the movement
  • Cutting, Sewing
  • Made to measure
  • Adjustments
  • Finishes